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Executive Team

Harris Kupperman

Harris Kupperman
CEO and Executive Chairman

Mr. Kupperman is a co-founder of Mongolia Growth Group and has been the CEO and President of the Company since February 2011. He earned a history degree from Tulane University College in 2003. He spent 10 years as President of Praetorian Capital, a macro themed small cap focused hedge fund based in Miami Beach. Mr. Kupperman served as a Director at Aeroquest International Limited (TSX:AQL) from 2010-2011. Mr. Kupperman writes a very successful blog; AdventuresInCapitalism.com; a site dedicated to uncovering unique opportunities around the world.

Genevieve Walkden, MBA

Genevieve Walkden
Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary

Ms. Walkden has been with Mongolia Growth Group since February 2011. Previously, she held roles in operations and corporate development. Ms. Walkden completed her MBA at the University of Iowa, USA. She is also a Certified Financial Planner and a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst. In addition, Ms. Walkden is certified in Black Belt Six Sigma.